My first blog!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog years ago when i started traveling the world alone. huhuhu. yes alone. Traveling alone is fun and hassle-free. But i’m not gonna talk about it now, maybe some other time. I will not pretend to be a good writer, in fact, i am a bad one but i believe an idea will always be an idea if you don’t share it.
I am starting my blog just now for several reasons:

  1. This could the driving force why i’m starting this blog now. As a requirement in my Masteral class, HI201. I am currently enrolled and studying my Master’s degree in Health Informatics (MSHI) in University of the Philippines- College of Medicine (UPCM). In this class, we will be given an assignment every week about a particular topic and should give an output in a form of a blog that will be shared in social media like Facebook and Twitter. For a person who only writes as a requirement for something, this is a good constant motivation. Maybe, at the end of this course, i’ll probably enjoy it. My mind is always open for something new.
    This is the link of the blog of our teacher in HI201, Dr. Isip-Tan on why blogging is important in this class.
  2. Like I’ve said, I like traveling, mostly alone. I’ve been to many places here and abroad. And along with my travels are my photographs, shared in social media like Facebook and Instagram, but sharing random pictures does not convey a story.. Blogging will be my way to tell a story of my experience in a particular place.
  3. I love eating, but i love cooking more. This could also be my food and recipe blog. let’s see
  4. And lastly, there are so many ideas that can be shared now. This blog will be my way of sharing my thoughts (it could be politics, showbiz?, gossips, life). Anything under the sun can be blogged.

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