Final Blog for HI201: Health Informatics at a glance!

My impression of Health Informatics as a Master’s degree was very shallow before I start with this course. I thought it was about the use of computer in healthcare. But there are more to it than just that. After 4 months of Introduction to Health Informatics, I have learned some many things from this class. It is an eye opener for the future work I am going to embark.

That was 14 weeks of reading articles, blogging and discussions. Fourteen driving questions that have to be answered by a blog. I have enjoyed each and every activity we did in the class.

Here is the summary of my learning per week with a link to each blog I made.

Week 1. Health Informatics, eHealth and Global Health: what’s the relevance?

Health Informatics is very much related to ehealth, global health and public health in a way that technology and health informatics is necessary to achieve population-wide healthcare service.


Week 2. Advancing Health Informatics in the Philippines

advancing HI in the Phils

There are many issues to address in order to advance health informatics in the Philippines. With every technology, acceptance at first is slow, but progress is inevitable. Open-mindedness is an important trait to acquire.


Week 3. Sustainable Health Information System: How to obtain in developing countries

sustainable HIS

Health Information System is mixture of human resources, infrastructure, financing and system design.


Week 4. Governance and Management of Health Informatics

Proper governance and management leads healthcare system to success.


Week 5. Philippine Health Information Exchange: A Healthcare service must!


In Public Health perspective, with Philippine Health Information Exchange, movement of health information will be easier and faster.


Week 6. Building a health information system: Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is the blueprint of any healthcare system.


Week 7. Electronic Medical Record. The Now and Future of Healthcare Service


Shifting from paper-based to electronic medical record, healthcare service will become more efficient, safe, and accessible everywhere anytime.



Week 8. Empowering Patients through Personal Health Record

Providing Personal Health Record, patients can access their heath information any where, anytime.


Week 9. Interoperability: Bridging all systems together


To make health information exchange between systems possible, interoperability and standards must be in place.


Week 10. Clinical Decision Support System: Healthcare providers’ personal and clinical assistant:


CDSS is an important part of electronic medical record that acts as an assistant that helps in clinical decision.


Week 11. Knowledgement: Knowledge Management for Healthcare and Research


Transforming data to information to knowledge to wisdom. The process that we need in doing research in healthcare.


Week 12. Confidentiality, Security and Trust: the blood that runs through Medical Profession:


Health information is very sensitive that requires utmost confidentiality, security and trust.


Week 13. Telehealth: Universal Health for the islands of the Philippines


Healthcare for the remote areas in different islands of the Philippines.


Week 14. Mobile Health (MHealth): Healthcare on the go!

The use of mobile applications in phone and gadgets to provide healthcare services.





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